What do I need?


Manual measurement tool

The system can work with any digital measurement tools like digital calipers, micrometers, indicators, etc. which have a Bluetooth or USB to send the data to а smart phone. Even if the measurement tool has no Bluetooth or USB port, the data from the gauge can be entered manually into the mobile application. The mobile device then sends the data to the cloud or to a local server.

Digital tools supported by mCaliper include also caliper bench tables, protractors, bore gauges, depth gauges and feeler gauges among others. mCaliper works with various brands and makes of measurement tools. Based on our tests and observations, we recommend using Bluetooth instruments.

Android mobile device

You will need a smart phone or a tablet with Android 4.4 and up. For the operator to to be mobile and move freely through the production facility and do his job the Android device could be in his/her pocket or strapped to his/her arm for more movement flexibility. mCaliper works with any make of the mobile device with Android 4.4 and up.

mCaliper applications

mCaliper Desktop Application mCaliper Desktop Application

mCaliper Desktop

mCaliper Desktop is a free desktop application used for preparation of measurement plans, defining which dimensions and tolerances the operator needs to control.

Download for Windows
mCaliper Mobile Application mCaliper Mobile Application

mCaliper Mobile

mCaliper Mobile is a free mobile application that plays a measurement plan for the operator to follow when taking measurement. It is available on Play Store and that runs only on Android devices.

mCaliper Cloud Application mCaliper Cloud Application

mCaliper Cloud

mCaliper Cloud is a free online service for storage and analyses of data, collected manually with digital measurement tools. It is also offered as a custom local server installation.

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